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Computer Science and Applications

Class Description:


Class Features:
Class Project(s)
Students will have an independent project.
Weekly Problem Sets

Our homework is done online
Virtual Machine (VM)
Included for In-Person Classes

A Virtual Machine is a remote desktop that allows students to connect to it from anywhere. We provide VMs so that students use it during classes and to work on homework.
Student Support:
Office Hours with
Teacher's Assistants

Office hours are led by our highly qualified teaching assistants. It is an easy and free way to get immediate feeback on your code. Our homework is difficult - office hours can help you overcome obstacles and develop a stronger understanding of the material!
Audio Lectures

We provide pre-recorded Audio Lectures to allow for students to self-study, practice, and learn CS.
Online Textbook

We provide a online, interactive, Java & Algorithms textbook to allow for students to self-study, practice, and learn CS.
Class Recordings

We provide recordings of our classes for if a student misses or needs to re-listen to a class.
Parent Support:
Student Progress Report

The parent account dashboard allows for parents to track their student's progress in the class.

Pop Art: This artwork is inspired by Andy Warhol. A filter is added to the image to have different background and foreground colors.

Donut Spin: Demo of the topic coordinate transformation = translate (moving x,y,z), rotate, and scale.

OMNOM Game (Student Project): The goal of the game is for the character to eat the junk food and avoid the healthy food. Click Here to Play!

Cannonball Demo: This is a physics simulation that calculates the trajectory to create the arc.

Flower Breeding: The bottom flower is the offspring of the flowers above it, where its' attributes are either inherited from the parents, or a result of the average of the parents.

Heart Bounce: This is a physics demo of gravity and bounce. If the broken hearts are close in x,y directions, they converge and become one.

Space Shooting Game


We currently have no classes scheduled for this level