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Generative Art


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Class Description:

This 9 lesson mini-course focuses on the beauty of randomness, and how to harness and control chaos in code. By using advanced algorithms, Perlin Noise, recursive functions, and autonomous agents, the students will create mesmerizing and stunning works of art. This course proves that computer science isn't all hard lines and sterile code, but can, instead, be an unpredicatble artist. Unlike its companion course, CS54, this course focuses on autonomy and emergent behaviors.


Completion of CS00a. CS01a recommended but not required. Knoweledge of Trigonometry highly suggested.

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Sample Projects

These are examples of projects that students create as they grow their skills in CS52

Stucliffe Pentagons Project

Discrete Cellular Project

Continuous Cellular Project

Shape Agents Project

Shape Grids Project

Font Graphics Project

Two Dimensional Perlin Project

Lines, Noise, and Rotation Project

Linear Fractals Project


Lines, noise, polar coordinates

Two-dimensional noise

Graphics Masks

Shape Agents

Agent Grids

Recursive Trees

Combined Techniques - PGraphics and Agents


Cellular Automata

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Summer Semester: Twice Per Week

Wed, Fri Jul 27 - Aug 24
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET
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Main Teacher:
Aaron Lu**
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