Introduction to Processing
Learn the basics of computer science in Java!
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This course package includes:
  • Access to lectures for a year
  • 14 lessons included
  • 7 days/week assistance hours (Student Help Hours)
Introduction to Processing
Learn the basics of computer science in Java!

What your child will get

  • Learn how to code in Java
  • Ability to create and customize their own programming projects
  • Gain an understanding of basic computer mechanics and skills


Welcome to our self-paced introductory course for beginners. We teach programming fundamentals through lessons paced at one hour of code per day. Young coders learn the basics of Java syntax through guided assignments and project-based learning. This course is perfect for students who have done some programming with Scratch or JavaBlocks and are excited about learning computer science for the first time. All of our self-guided courses come fully supported with the following:

Course includes

  • Demonstrations of each new concept from our experienced instructor team
  • Programming problems with instant visual feedback to help you practice skills
  • Access to the KTCoder learning platform, no setup or installation required!
  • Daily Student Help Hours with live teaching assistants for homework help and extra instruction
  • Responsive customer service available 6 days per week
  • Options to continue your progression with these courses or our live instruction classes


  • Mac or PC
  • Chrome or Firefox Browser
  • No Programming Experience Needed

Who this is for:

  • Middle school level students with typing speed of at least 20 wpm
  • Student seeking self guided lessons