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Game Based Learning - Minecraft


Full Course

$500 USD
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for 10 hours

Class Package

Class Project(s)
Students will see an introduction to Minecraft and explore game-based projects.

Our Proprietary In-Browser Coding Platform.

The KTBYTE team developed the KTCoder™ with our students in mind! Our platform supports block-based and typed out code in the most popular coding languages: Java, Python, and C++. This revolutionary all-in-one coding platform supports our interactive online classes, our specialized curriculum, and (most importantly) our students' passion for learning.
Student Progress Report
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Certificate of Completion
Students can request a certificate of completion once they finish the course

Class Description:

Immerse yourself in the game design universe of Minecraft for this project-based learning adventure! We'll cover skills from coding agents to perform simple tasks, to generating entire maps with custom rules for gameplay. Students will use Minecraft's build in coding tools to modify the game, and may progress to doing some projects with typed out code depending on the class's experience and learning goals. Join one of our experienced instructors to learn how to use your favorite games to learn to code!


Ages 10 to 13

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Initial Setup

All students will log on to Minecraft Education Edition and practice making minor changes to the world.

Teleporting maze

Students will be introduced to the two main programming concepts we will be working with this semester: Basic Redstone circuits and Basic commands.

Entrances, Exits, Traps, and Gadgets

Students will continue work on the programming concepts introduced in Lesson 2 and will use redstone to build a trapped Minecraft base.

Advanced traps, Warning systems, and Mini-game intro

Students will continue to work on redstone and use it to add more concepts to the exterior of the build.

Basic Commands

Students will start work on commands for teleportation, filling and building large structures, and summoning mobs


Students will use what they learned about commands to build a parkour course.

Adding Commands to our Base

Students use what we learned about commands to return to the base we’ve been working on and add final touches

Final Project

We will begin work on our final project: building a mini game as a class. Some options include Capture the flag, Spleef, and Pvp arena. We will work mainly on the planning process and the infrastructure.

Final Project

We will continue work on the final project. We will do the bulk of the building today, making the game functional today.

Finishing Touches

Final day of class. We will add finishing touches, and give the game a unique twist. We will spend the last 20 minutes of class trying out the game we’ve created!