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means understanding the very foundations of modern society. With our free resources, learn about problem solving, not just "coding". Understand algorithms and data-structures, not just "STEM". Recognize the principles underlying computing science, not just a framework, language, or programming fad.

1 on 1 Attention

Same hands-on approach whether taught in-person or online. When online, unlike in "zoom classes", students don't need to juggle multiple programs. Instead, they focus on learning "why" and "when" to solve certain problems, not just how.

Effective Rigor

Even our youngest students learn core concepts such as: variable typing, scope, runtime errors, compilation errors, boolean logic, etc. Young students are given assistance tools (advanced analogs to MIT Scratch) to reduce keyboard typing requirements.

Cohesive long-term plan

Our instructors have spent a decade developing standardized lesson plans that serve students who stay with us for years. This results in a progressive pathway to maintain interest and continuity. Most students' in academic performance far eclipses what is taught in school.

Lasting Knowledge

Students are eased into programming using common professional languages, not proprietary or kid-specific tools. This way students do not need to 'restart' later on when they build bigger projects, participate in competitions, or take standardized tests.