Instructors and TAs

In addition to our full time instructors (Andrew, Alan & Chi Bong), you can schedule lessons with our teaching assistants:

Chi Bong Ho

Senior Instructor

Chi Bong graduated from Cornell with a major in Computer Science and a minor Applied Math and Mechanical Engineering. He worked at Microsoft and Amazon before joining KTBYTE as a senior instructor and developer. Fun Fact: He participated in evolving the Kindle! He attends the sheep-shearing festival yearly.

Andrew Tourtellot

Senior Instructor

Andrew graduated from Cornell with a major in Computer Science. He is our senior instructor and manages our curriculum. Before joining KTBYTE, he worked at Microsoft and worked as a private tutor. He is a tepid Capitals hockey fan and is an avid TV (Star Trek) connoisseur.



Victor graduated from Cornell with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Music. He is a multi-talented instructor and teaches a variety of courses. He currently lives in Wilmington, MA and he likes making music and playing video games (favorite is Monster Hunter World) in his free time.

Alan Krajbich


Alan graduated from St Johns College with a double major in math and philosophy. He is a wearer of many hats: an engaging and lively instructor, as well as being a community outreach manager. He is a seasoned world traveler and has lived in Japan. If you are ever in need of a fun fact, he is your best bet (beware of bamboozlement).


Director of Operations

Katherine graduated from Wellesley College and got her masters in Education from Harvard. She is the operations manager at KTBYTE, and works with the Teaching Assistants (TAs). Prior to joining KTBYTE, she has worked in children’s publishing and at a childhood psychology center. Her favorite ice cream shop is Lizzie’s in Harvard Square!


Senior Developer

Leo graduated from MIT with a double major in Computer Science and Comparative Media Studies. He is our senior developer and currently helps us build the coder that you use for class! He currently lives in San Francisco where he enjoys movies, blankets, and long distance running.

Jason Z.

Teaching Assistant

Jason is going to study at Oxford University as an undergraduate in Computer Science. He runs KTBYTE's advanced office hours sessions. He runs a Minecraft server but in fact likes Roblox a tad more.


Teaching Assistant

Seth is currently a computer science major at Skidmore College. He has a passion for medicine, and is actually a nationally certified EMT! He spends his free time skateboarding, developing apps, and napping excessively.


Development Intern

Patrick Zhang is currently a junior at Lexington High School. He has worked at KTBYTE as a software development intern since 2017. Besides his experience at KTBYTE, he has qualified as a USACO finalist and does research through MIT PRIMES. In his free time, he likes to play video games and watch YouTube.


Development Intern

Jackson is currently a High School student graduating in 2020. He is a part time developer during the school year and has worked on many features for students and staff including redesigning the coder in 2017. He enjoys programming, video games, playing bass for his schools jazz band, and mountain biking.


Teaching Assistant


Robotics Club Instructor





Classroom Locations

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