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Thinking with Code

[CORE 1a]

Full Course

$936 USD
Before any discounts or coupons
for 18 hours and additional live student help hours

Class Package

Class Project(s)
Students will build, test, and publish their own game in KTBlocks

Our Proprietary In-Browser Coding Platform.

The KTBYTE team developed the KTCoder™ with our students in mind! Our platform supports block-based and typed out code in the most popular coding languages: Java, Python, and C++. This revolutionary all-in-one coding platform supports our interactive online classes, our specialized curriculum, and (most importantly) our students' passion for learning.
Live Student Help Hours with Teaching Assistants
Office hours are led by our highly qualified teaching assistants. It is an easy and free way to get immediate feedback on your code. Our homework is difficult - office hours can help you overcome obstacles and develop a stronger understanding of the material!
Student Progress Report
KTBYTE will e-mail parents with behavior and grade progess reports.
Certificate of Completion
Students can request a certificate of completion once they finish the course

Class Description:

[CORE 1a] teaches students computer science through block-based programming as they improve typing. Through the KTBlocks platform, student may choose between learning Java, Python or C++. After 1-2 years of our course progression students will be coding at a high school level, and typically reach college level after 4 years. This full version of this course consists of 18 class sessions including a final project, while the 12-lesson version covers the same skills with less project time. Although students receive graded homework, most don't need to attend our student help hours for help.


9+, Proficiency in arithmetic and basic computer usage. Permission of instructor.

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Color with Code

In our first class, we'll learn the basics of JavaBlocks and how computers mix and match colors with numbers.

Numbers and Places

Numbers control a lot in code, like where one the screen things go or how big to make things. We'll be doing a lot of exploring to find out what some of the numbers do.

Images and Sprites

Sprites are a handy way to add images to our code. Today we'll go over how to snag images from the internet to use in our code

Pushing my Buttons

Sprites can be used to make a bunch or useful things in our code including buttons! We'll explore how to use our mouse in our code.

Fun With Lines

Today we'll take a dip into generative art by exploring the power of lines.

Red Light Green Light

Variables are how our program remembers things like the score or a game or what page of a book we're on. Today we'll use one to keep track of whether the light is red or green in a virtual game of red light green light.

Keys and Collection

Today we'll be using the full power of Sprites to show how you can make your own game complete with key movement, a score, and collectibles

Shield Adventure

Going of of last class, we'll be using a Sprites direction to make an adventure game where we must defend against an onslaught of enemies with our stalwart shield.

Gone Fishing

In this class we'll take a trip to the seas side and see how we can use Variables and randomness to make a simple fishing game.

Challenge Quiz

Today, we will be participating in a challenge quiz createdby our KTBYTE instructors! Students will be tasked with solving computation problems at various skill levels.


Many games have balls that bounce off the sides of the screen. Today we'll dive in little deeper into using if statements to make our own bouncing ball game

Virtual Paint

A program like paint comes with a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but today we'll explore how we can make a paint program of our own!

Keyboard Keyboard

Today we'll explore a little bit of how computers understand musical notes and how we can use code to help us make music.

Final Project Brainstorm

Our last few classes are going to be all about working on making final project that you get to choose and make yourself! Today we'll be brainstorming and coming up with project examples as a class to give us a pool of ideas to pick from.

Final Project

Class time will be dedicated to working on your final projects.

Final Project and Presentation

In our last class, we'll wrap up last minute fixes to our projects, show of our creations to the class, and have some fun trying each others projects.