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Beginner Competition Prep


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$500 USD
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for 10 hours

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Class Description:

KTBYTE now offers general computing competition prep at a beginner level for students who hope to placein national or internaional computer science contests! This course will start by introducing easy problems from competitions like the CCC, and go on to teach strategies for studying and implementing more advanced algorithmic problem-solving.


Core4a or Instructor Permission

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Sample Projects

These are examples of projects that students create as they grow their skills in [COMP PREP]

Extensive Review of Past Contests


CCC Setup Up

Explore how to use CCC contest accounts to access and submit past years' problems.

CCC Junior Problems - Easy

Start practicing submitting solutions to the easy problems of past years' contests.

CCC Junior Problems - Easy

Work towards independence with solving these easy problems. Instructor will point out some strategies for structuring solution code.

CCC Junior Problems - Medium

Move on to slightly more advanced contest problems, using loops and arrays.

CCC Junior Problems - Medium

Continue practicing medium difficulty problems from CCC Junior division contests.

CCC Junior Problems - Advanced

Look at some advanced CCC Junior problems (number 4-5) and talk through strategies for solving them.

Practice Contest

Practice solving problems from a past CCC contest. This can be completed after class if students run out of time.

Review Practice Contest

Review solutions to the practice contest from the previous class. Talk through common mistakes and choose topics to focus on for the rest of the course.

Advanced Topics- Extra Practice

Take a closer look at confusing problem types from the practice contest and other practice sessions. May involve seeing applications from different contests, like the USACO or AIO.

Self-Study Strategies

Review material from the course. Make a plan for how students can continue to prepare between now and their next contest date.