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Game Based Learning - Roblox


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for 10 hours

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Students will be introduced to coding in Roblox Studio and the Lua scripting language, which they can use to create their own Roblox games!

Our Proprietary In-Browser Coding Platform.

The KTBYTE team developed the KTCoder™ with our students in mind! Our platform supports block-based and typed out code in the most popular coding languages: Java, Python, and C++. This revolutionary all-in-one coding platform supports our interactive online classes, our specialized curriculum, and (most importantly) our students' passion for learning.
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Students can request a certificate of completion once they finish the course

Class Description:

Does your child enjoy playing video games? It’s time for them to make their own games! In this course, the instructor will lead the students to use their creativity to develop unique games and learn coding essentials in a fun way. Students will build games using block-based code in RobloxStudio, which they will set up for free before the first class. They will also get experience using a popular scripting language called Lua in their creations.


Ages 10 to 13

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Introduction to Roblox Studio

This is the introductory lesson for Roblox. In this lesson, we explore the interface of Roblox Studio, which we use to make our games. We will explore the different features Roblox studio provides, such as basic editing tools, building objects, changing properties of objects, etc. We use this knowledge to begin building an obstacle course that the player must run and jump through.

Obbies & Intro to Scripting

We continue with our obstacle course and learn how to make some more complex obstacles, such as fake platforms, treadmills, and invisible platforms. We then introduce scripting, which allows the creator to customize exactly what should happen when the player interacts with their map. Using scripting, we create blocks that kill the player when touched.


In this lesson, we learn how to do some more advanced scripting, involivng techniques that utilize local storage. With these scripts, we create checkpoints, which allow the player to respawn in a specific loacation throughout the obstacle course, depending on how far they have reached.

Ropes & Attachments

We continue to explore the Roblox studio interface, which allows us to make more complex objects rather than just shapes. These objects include things such as ropes, pulleys, springs, welds, and all kinds of attachments. Using these, we make some advanced obstacles in our obstacle cours, such as swinging and spinning platforms.

Terrain & Tools

We learn how to create realistic custom terrains using Roblox Studio, such as mountains, valleys, hills, volcanos, etc. Then, we learn how to make tools. Tools are objects which the player can collect and hold, and they usually give the player some sort of power through scripting. The first tool that we create is a Jump Wand, which allows the player to jump higher while they are holding it.

Adventure Map

We begin to layout our Adventure Map, which is the final project that we work toward completing at the end of the course. The adventure map consists of everything that we have learned up to this point: terrain, tools, obstacle courses, and lots of scripts.


We learn how to make pets that follow us with an invisible leash. Using scripting, the player becomes the owner of the pet when they touch it, and an invisible spring is attached to the player and the pet, creating the illusion that the pet follows at a distance. The pet will be the final reward for the player when they reach the end of the adventure map.

Treasure Pedastol

In this lesson, we learn how to create a treasure pedastol. A treasure pedastol is used to display a tool for the player to collect, and appropriately react when the player touches the pedastol by giving the player their own version of the tool. We learn the tecnique of copying items, which is very powerful when there are maps that will have miultiple players.

More Tools

In this lesson, we create 2 new tools which have their own scripts. First, we create a Lava Shield, which allows the player to walk through lava without getting hurt. Second, we create a Lantern which allows the player to light up dark areas while holding it. Finally, we edit the terrain to make challenges that require the player to obtain these tools before completing.

Completing the Adventure Map

In the final lesson, we complete the adventure map by combining all of the elements that we have created up to this point. When the adventure map is complete, it will be a set of challenges which the user needs to complete. At the end of each challenge, they will get a new tool, which will allow them to complete the next challenge and get the next tool. The ultimate goal is to reach the top of a volcano, and receive a pet as a reward.